About us

Let us introduce you the Czech cosmetics company EC COSMETICS.

EC COSMETICS was founded in 2017 with a clear goal to produce and sell  its high quality products of luxury perfumes and natural cosmetics.

The guarantee for success of this ambitious plan are the real professionals who work at EC COSMETICS and have a thorough professional experience and background.

The sale of EC products is realized through the MULTILEVEL MARKETING system. The perfumes are manufactured in the new production facility in Brno, in the Czech Republic. New, fully automated production lines and the production capacity guarantee top quality for the company's products and thus they are among the best of the world.

Top technology, as well as high-quality components and raw materials create the most diverse perfumes found by their loyal customers around the world! In production, the greatest emphasis is put on quality and the environment, where even the packaging material is environmental-friendly.

EC COSMETICS is currently represented in seven countries, and more are coming soon.

We create a new lifestyle, a community of confident and satisfied people. Further more, we offer not only exceptional products but also the opportunity for our partners and distributors to fulfil their dreams through great achievements and success.


So, do not hesitate to join EC COSMETICS' magic world of perfumes and cosmetics!

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